Link Your Enterprise

Remote Workforce
Provide Linxs to remote employees, giving them a secure Wi-Fi connection to the Internet and corporate intranets. Get flexible features such as bulk registration, VLAN forwarding, and additional 4G packages for individuals or groups. Customize the portal, monitor all devices remotely, and create campaigns that engage the enterprise through the Linxs Service Platform. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors!

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Link Your Customers

Retail and Advertising
Advertisers and Retailers can embed Linxs into e.g. POS displays, signage, and bus shelter ad panels to provide free, sponsored Wi-Fi to customers. With Linxs, you can offer discounts and promotions and create other one-to-one engagement programs. And, you’ll get Big Data through Wi-Fi tracking and IoT sensors that elevates marketing and transforms product development.

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Link Vehicles and Drivers

Automotive and Transport
Manufacturers, Insurance, Leasing, Trams and Taxi companies can use Linxs to bring sponsored Wi-Fi to passengers. Build user profiles, and your brand. But the added value of the sensor data stream allows the monitoring of driver behavior and equipment as well. Now you can unlock the potential to create rewards and incentives programs, and continually improve maintenance and product development.

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Link Your Machines

M2M and Industry
OEMs, Industry, and Resellers can embed the Linxs into vending machines, ATMs, and other equipment to measure environmental conditions, inventory, and customer interactions. Big Data saves time and money by optimizing product maintenance, marketing and development. And, you can centralize, filter, analyze, and display all IoT data using the Linxs Service Platform.

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Other Use Case Examples

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