The World’s Smartest
Mobile Router and Sensor Hub

This is Linxs: The revolutionary all-in one enterprise-grade mobile router and customizable sensor hub. Linxs combines hyper-secure connectivity with multi-dimensional IoT analytics.

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Ubiquitous Connectivity

Linxs includes
LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BLE connectivity
that gives customers, guests, and remote workers secure, reliable access to the Internet and corporate intranets via best and/or least-cost available networks.


IoT Focus

Linxs is IoT-ready, right out of the box, with 10+ built-in sensors and the ability to connect to any IoT platform.
And, you can add any other specific sensors you want, on-the-fly, effectively customizing the Linxs to your specific needs.
Plus, centralize, filter, analyze, and display IoT data using the Linxs Service Platform.

Linxs Service Platform - One Login, Total Control

The Linxs Service Platform is a one-stop shop for managing your Linxs devices, services, apps, and analyzing all of your Wi-Fi and IoT analytics. One login, one portal. Manage your Linxs devices remotely; push updates and features, or change network settings and SSIDs to one or thousands of devices. Install extra software, apps, sensors, and create sensor alerts. And, if it makes your life easier, we can manage all of this for you.

Linxs Service Platform – Double² the Data

Linxs sensor data can be sent to your cloud, or to the Linxs Service Platform cloud. If the sensor data is sent to the Linxs Service Platform cloud, you can centralize, filter, display, and analyze the sensor data layer over Wi-Fi usage patterns. This combined data stream is Big Data that exponentially expands your insights and opportunities. Now, you can start predicting customer behavior and begin a continuous improvement loop for product marketing and maintenance.

Linxs Service Platform -
Wi-Fi Marketing

Linxs customers have the option to offer free, sponsored Wi-Fi to their end-users and guests through the Linxs Service Platform "Wifinxs" cloud service. Wifinxs collects valuable usage data that can be used to engage directly with people. Create customer profiles, loyalty programs, surveys, contests, personalized messages, and any other one-to-one program you can dream up.

Linxs Service Platform - Hyper-Secure

Linxs communications are securely encrypted using the latest security standards such as EAP-PEAP and WPA2/Enterprise. Linxs also supports VPN/VLAN forwarding, seamless authentication, and roaming. And, Linxs can be integrated with existing corporate authentication platforms such as LDAP and RADIUS.

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Experience linked products, people, machines, and systems.
Exponentially expand your insights.
Experience an evolution in your business.

Linxs will ship in Q4 2017 at a retail price of 499€ VAT incl.

Order now to take advantage of special pre-order pricing of only €399 (VAT incl).

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